Credit Card Security


Shopping on playmoregolf with your credit card is 100% Safe!

Shopping with us is secure and safe and is exactly the same as shopping with your credit card in a shopping centre, paying for meal when you eat out or doing your monthly groceries. Our credit card payment facility works the same way a speed-point does and all funds are transferred by the bank and not playmoregolf.

All credit card transactions are encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This means that all details you enter on playmoregolf are encrypted as a secret code before these details are sent between playmoregolf and the bank.

Our registration documents and domain are verified by GeoTrust Inc., giving all parties concerned protection against identity theft in pursuit of confidential information. All security measures implemented on playmoregolf by PayU Safeshop comply with leading standards and PayU Safeshop is continually reviewing and adjusting our security profile to keep aligned with these standards. PayU Safeshop provides safe secure credit card transactions.