Frequently Asked Questions

No. We don’t believe in long-term contracts therefore all you need to do is give us one month’s calendar notice and we will cancel your membership. You can even suspend your membership if necessary by going into our PMG Lite product. In addition there is also a first 30 day money back guarantee.

In addition to your PMG membership, we broker a number of club memberships (some starting from as low as R139 per month). As a member of a golf club you will be handicapped through that club and are welcome to play at the club at member’s rates during the times your membership qualifies you for. (Please note we do not sell these memberships to anyone who has been a member of a golf club for the past 2 years). To see a full list of pricing please check here.

We are a golf membership business, that partners golf clubs and that endeavours to get all golfers including new and aspiring, to PLAY MORE GOLF, in an affordable, fun, friendly and unintimidating manner on golf courses, more often, around South Africa. In doing this we hope you find new friends and play more courses around South Africa.

For the monthly membership you have chosen (zero rounds but ability to purchase rounds when you want to 4 rounds) you now have the ability to book these free rounds and therefore access to our 135+ golf clubs, 6 plus days a week (Sun – Fri, any Saturday times are a bonus). You can play as often as you like and once your allocated free rounds are all used up for the month, we offer subsidised green fee rates for rounds that can be purchased. Stock is limited to PMG available times that are on our website.

In bulk and in advance, we buy up stock tee times from our partner golf clubs and offer these rounds to you, our members, at subsidised rates.

You can upgrade and downgrade as often as you like. The change will only take effect from the following months billing cycle.

Guests are more than welcome to play with PMG members at any time. Special rates are available for your guests to play and can be viewed on our website.

We accept all forms of credit cards as payment.