Etiquette and Dress Code

This is our online portal to help our new members find out everything they might want to know about the game of golf.

First things first…

Rules and Etiquette

The R&A the international ruling body of golf have assembled a selection of information and multimedia content that contains everything you need to know about Rules and Etiquette. Please brush up on them before your round. Especially:

Keeping Pace

Play at a Good Pace and Keep Up

You should always play at a good pace. The committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow. It’s a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If they lose a clear hole and delay the group behind, they should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, they should also invite the faster moving group to overtake them

Be Ready to Play

On the clockYou should be ready to play as soon as it’s your turn to play. When on or near the putting green, leave your bags or carts just off the green on the way to the next tee. When the play of a hole has been completed, leave the putting green quickly.

Lost Ball

If you think your ball may be lost outside a water hazard or is out of bounds, to save time, play a provisional ball. Players searching for a ball should signal the players in the group behind them to play through as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.They shouldn’t search for five minutes before doing so. Having allowed the group behind to play through, they shouldn’t continue play until the group coming through has passed and is out of range.

Dress Code

While golf clubs have attempted to relax the dress codes so that players feel more at home within the club, players are reminded that they and their guests should at all times be dressed suitably so as to not offend other players. In broad terms this implies neat and tidy dress.

Men golfers dress code

SHIRTS – Collared golf shirts, shirts without collars are frowned upon. TROUSERS – Traditional long trousers and shorts may be worn. No denim or tracksuit pants permitted. SHOES – Golf shoes with soft spikes. Running shoes are permissible at some clubs.

Lady golfers dress code

SHIRTS – Collared or crew neck golf shirts, if not tucked in, must finish on the hip bone. No low-scooped necklines or bare midriffs. TROUSERS – Traditional long, three-quarter trousers and shorts may be worn. No tracksuit or ‘ski pants’ permitted. SHOES – Golf shoes with soft spikes. Running shoes are permissible at some clubs.

Some of our courses also have specific rules around dress code and eitquette. Where sp

ecific we will include them on the course’s content page, please use the course locator to find the course you are playing at and check beforehand.