A few simple rules

  1. These competitions will be open to all members of playmoregolf as well as their guests, as long as all who take part in the competitions are members of a golf club, have an official handicap and can produce an HNA Handicap Card.
  2. For those members who would like to enjoy more competitive golf, but do not have an official handicap, we suggest that you contact one of our Sales Consultants who can help in organising a reasonable “clip-on” membership for you at one of our partner clubs.
  3. playmoregolf members who have membership options that carry “free” rounds, may use one of their rounds to book in the normal way.
  4. There will be a compulsory competition fee of R60 at each of these monthly competition days.
  5. All participants are required to swipe their HNA Handicap cards at the host club, to open their round, before start of play.
  6. Scores need to be recorded, either at the host club on the day, or on the HNA Handicap system before 8.00 am on the Wednesday following the event.
  7. Score cards need to be handed in at the host club’s pro shop within half an hour of end of play.
  8. Guests will be required to provide us with the following information at registration:
    • Home Club
    • Cell Number
    • Email address
  9. Rolling Leader Board: We will also be running a Leader Board for these monthly competitions from February to October, based on a merit point system for monthly winners as well as for participation, i.e. 1st place (20 pts); 2nd place (15 pts); 3rd place (10 pts); the whole field (5 pts). Prizes for the winners will be presented at our Club Championships on the 11th November 2018 to be hosted at Modderfontein GC.

So, this is a call to all those competitive golfers out there, diarise and book these dates and join us in these competition days. What better way to meet like minded golfers and at the same time grow your enjoyment of the wonderful game of golf.

Yours in golf
The playmoregolf Team